Tassel Turner

Meet the company behind Tassel Turner

About Us

We’re Bellwether, a privately-owned software company headquartered in Florida that has been developing specialized solutions for our clients since 2004.

We started with boutique LMS applications helping our clients tackle data analysis, contact management, business organization, and other complex tasks with our elegant designs, usefulness, and a refreshing user experience developed around practical concerns. We continue that tradition today with Tassel Turner as we partner with universities to create celebrated graduation experiences for students and their guests.

Our team comprises passionate technologists with the interdisciplinary training needed to see the big picture and deep dive into domain-specific challenges. Software development is equal parts craftsmanship and art, where the art often comes from balancing tradeoffs and serving the (often contradictory) needs of diverse users and stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give small teams the powers of big ones by leveraging the efficiencies of purpose-built software. As a small team ourselves, we know firsthand how automation and specialized tooling can change the way you solve problems and open the door to serendipity.

Our Focus

Our focus is 100% on developing high-quality, high-impact software. We invest in product development and customer support, not in marketing and sales.

In fact, Bellwether does not employee any salespeople. Every member of our team is a product advocate whose specialized skills translate directly to adding value for our clients. The breadth and depth of the Tassel Turner platform would simply not be possible if we ran our company with a sales-first mentality.

Our Business Model

We bootstrapped Bellwether on the belief that a business lives or dies on the ability to deliver real-world value, nothing more or less. For almost two decades sine then we’ve been profitable without once taking outside investment. We don’t spend other people’s money, we practice sustainable growth, and this same prudence guides both how we design software and how we build relationships.