Graduation Management Services

Personalized Name Cards, Badges, and Labels

Keep events manageable on the ground with printable cards that aid name readers with pronunciations, help students cross the stage, and support staff operations. Tassel Turner makes the creation and customization of your event's cards fast and easy.

Correct name pronunciations

Print the student's full name, origin, nickname, pronouns, and phonetic spelling, all with write-in space for any last-minute hand additions or corrections. Then collect the name cards for the readers so they can be sure that students experience a perfect moment crossing the stage.

Organize attendees

Organize card holders by seating assignment and custom designations to better coordinate both single and multi-line commencement ceremonies. Print blank cards for late arrivals that can be filled out and assigned to a seat and stage crossing order.

Personalize contents and design

Customize every element of card size, layout, look, and feel. Ensure the cards fit the institution's branding standards and consistently represent the event.

Track graduation stats

Use card-scanning checkpoints to track graduate patterns in event entry, to seating, to photography, stage crossing, drop-outs, and more. Analyze associated timestamps to measure attendance flow and better plan your events.

Trigger multimedia events

Connect card scanners to the companion ceremony app and automatically play pre-recorded names, display graduate information on stadium screens, or trigger other custom actions. Each card includes a unique code that can be used for RFID activations.

Request graduate services

Include custom information collected from online forms allowing students to request and access commencement services such as graduation photos, specialized seating, or other event amenities.

Flexible Printing Options

Print your cards in-house or else have our professional printing and shipping service provide a completely frictionless delivery.

Our cards work with standard, folded, or perforated paper.

Single or batch cards

Bulk print in card batches with multiple per page, or else individual cards for one-offs and late arrivals.

Double-sided cards

Separate front and back side layouts with the most-relevant content and easily print with matching double-sided collation.

Adhesive labels

Print simple barcodes or address labels for batch print-and-peel labels to track attendees.

Hanging and clip badges

Create vertical or horizontal badges for easy insert into lanyard cases.

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