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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Tassel Turner work for individuals and small teams?

Yes. The platform was designed with the overextended user in mind and with the aim of saving you time to focus on the graduation experience instead of administrative chores. You can easily disable unused features and streamline the system for your needs.

Is Tassel Turner available globally?

Yes. The platform and services can be accessed globally, and can support multiple languages and timezones. If desired your institution’s deployment and data can be located entirely in a regional governance zone in order to comply with data sovereignty laws.

Is Tassel Turner only for commencements?

No. Tassel Turner can support a variety of event, ticketing, student management, engagement, and communications purposes around the student journey up through graduation and beyond.

Is Tassel Turner only for universities?

No. Any educational or instructional institution that needs to manage a graduating class can use Tassel Turner to improve administration and the total graduation experience.

Is Tassel Turner a white-label solution?

Yes. The platform works best as a consistent extension of your institution’s own web properties and communications. All branding elements and content are completely under your control.

Can my account include multiple campuses?

Yes. You can run commencements for satellite campuses, sister schools, and other offshoots of your institution. You would only need multiple accounts for strict data segregation or organizational/operational reasons.

Can I use my existing SIS/MIS/LMS/CRM data?

Yes. Tassel Turner provides tools and services for loading your student, academic, and other data into the platform from a variety of sources. We believe the less data entry the better.

Who owns my Tassel Turner data?

You and only you. We don’t mine your data, sell your data, or otherwise monetize your data. In data rights terms, your institution acts as the data controller while our only interest as the data processor is in providing a great service. Furthermore we consider data portability a user right and design around interoperability and painless import/export procedures. Read our privacy policy for more information.

What software do I need?

Only a modern web browser on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. All platform web portals are usable with the major vendor browsers and screen readers. Companion applications are available as cross-platform downloads for respective Apple, Windows, and Linux systems.

Do I receive software upgrades, updates, and patches?

Yes. Tassel Turner is provided through a software-as-a-service model and automatically updates release versions of the application. Alternatively you can freeze updates, or else request a release schedule to support your change management process.

Do you offer a trial period?

In part. We can provide a staging environment for you to trial the system over a reasonable period, but due to data governance and privacy laws we require a signed contract before you can manage actual student data.

How long will implementation take?

The timeline between a kickoff meeting and the go-live date will typically be between 2 to 5 weeks. This might be no more than a week before graduation if you already know what you want and have simple paperwork, or longer if your team needs a chance to get comfortable with the system or prepare a rich graduation experience.

Will you support my procure-to-pay process?

Yes. We’re happy to accommodate your institution’s procurement process and other formal procedures during your vendor selection and contracting.

Will you implement a feature request?

Probably. We’re fanatical about product improvements and maintain a roadmap stacked with user feedback. If the request enhances the user experience or makes administrative workflows more flexible and efficient, then we’re likely to add it. We do decline requests that, while good in isolation, might negatively impact the platform as a whole.

Do you offshore customer support?

No. We have a direct, accountable relationship with our users, and all customer support is performed in-house by agents authorized to work in the United States.

What payment methods do you accept?

For US-based institutions we prefer checks sent by certified mail although we are able to accept most electronic payment methods as well.

What happens when my contract ends?

If you choose not to renew your service plan, Tassel Turner provides all the tools you need to export, migrate, and purge your data.