Graduation Management Services

Commencement Ticketing

Manage event crowds with a flexible ticketing system made for any commencement big or small. Use Tassel Turner to enhance your existing ticketing system or else setup a completely self-contained ticketing platform from the ground up.

Rise to the challenge when complications arise. Whether lost or damaged tickets, broken scanners, poor wifi, Tassel Turner's ticketing platform is designed with contingencies in mind.

Provide Tickets in any format

Ticket holders can access tickets in the format most convenient for them, whether that's downloading a PDF from their email or ticket page, presenting a digital ticket on their mobile phone, or printing a beautifully formatted hard copy to carry to the event.

Let staff scan with any device

Quickly scan ticket barcodes and/or QR codes with any mobile device, barcode reader, laptop or tablet camera, or other compatible handheld scanner. Render ticket barcodes in all major symbologies, and link QR codes to online web hooks.

Customize different ticket types

Create separate categories and types by ticket holder, ensuing that ticket allocation and availability is tightly controlled by use, and that designated ticket holders can receive targeted ticket enhancements such as vendor coupons, directions, parking passes, or invitations to alumni networks and graduate programs.

Provide info and instructions

Fully customize full-page tickets with instructional text and images providing ticket holders with all the event information they need in one printable reference.

Create different instructions for graduates and guests and help reduce confusion and staff questions on commencement day.

Avoid unused tickets

Automatically reallocate tickets after cancellations or restore them to a first-come first-served ticket pool, ensuring no tickets go to waste and as many can attend the event as possible.

Generate any ticket codes, anywhere

Ensure ticket compatibility with your scanners and existing venue systems by generating codes from a wide range of flexible options configurable by length, dates, and other dynamic prefixes, suffixes, and code interpolations.

Easily import existing lists of codes for tickets allocated by external systems, or else export codes to synchronize those systems with Tassel Turner.

A flexible solution for all event-goers from basic general admission to multi-type reserved seating

Arrange seating with custom venue maps

Build detailed visual seat plans that match your commencement venue using a flexible map editor to generate rich, accurate, charts for user reference or as printable maps to provide to ticket holders.

Report and analyze

View and share live and historic reports for every aspect of ticketing at your events.

Customize reports with common formats from bar graphs to run charts, group by ticket holder stats and ticket types, and discover new insights to help improve future sales and capacity planning.

Prevent ticket fraud

Stop fraudulent entry and prevent resell and abuse with a security-first solution allowing you to track duplicate check-ins, generate globally unique ticket codes, and verify ticket holder identities with personal information and photos.

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