Tassel Turner

An all-in-one annual plan based on value and quality

Pricing Sheet

Unlimited Software and Services

Tassel Turner provides the most comprehensive platform available to ensure your graduation management needs are fully satisfied. There are no setup fees, overage fees, support fees, or other hidden costs.

The all-in-one plan includes:

Unlimited Functionality

Use every feature, module, application, and platform solution without restriction.

Unlimited Use

Create unlimited tickets, read unlimited names, send unlimited emails & SMS, run unlimited events.

Unlimited Access

Register unlimited users, install unlimited desktop & mobile app deployments.

Unlimited Support

Contact our customer support team by chat, email, or phone as often as needed, and in off-hours during commencements.

Unlimited Availability

Rely on 99.99% uptime, autoscaling, and failover capabilities of a “highly available” platform architecture.

Unlimited Hosting

Host your data and services in a secure private cloud environment that meets international regulatory and compliance standards.

Unlimited Integrations

Integrate with any of your SIS, LMS, MIS, and CRM systems with universal application hooks and APIs.

Unlimited Upgrades

Take advantage of continuous platform improvements with every new release, and request custom development from our engineering team to ensure your exact requirements are met.

Unlimited Training

Schedule webinars and training sessions whenever you need to upskill your teams or onboard new personnel.

Supplementary Resources

Upon request, we can also provide supplementary resources for your ceremonies.

  • Name Card Printing: Print roll calls on high-quality card stock
  • Ticket Printing: Print tickets on high-quality card stock.
  • Barcode Scanners: Purchase scanning devices for tickets and barcodes.
  • Professional Name Readers: Hire an experienced professional name reader to record graduate names.
  • Content Localization: Translate your custom content into languages preferred by users and guests.

Cost will depend on the specific case and is not included in the standard price plan.

Billing Cycle

In general, all software and services are billed under an annual billing cycle. The billing year begins from the date on which the contract is signed. Any time-period discounts or one-off purchases are still billed as part of an annual contract.

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