Graduation Management Services

Online Forms and Surveys

Enhance your data, engage participants, and collect feedback with custom forms, surveys, and questionnaires. Tassel Turner provides all the tools you need to create polished online forms that can be easily shared or included in commencement registration.

Collect elusive data

Create questionnaires that capture accurate contact information for post-graduation follow-up, leads on program candidates, alumni network registration, or graduate career patterns.

Integrate further calls-to-action and branding with the form design.

Get the right answers from the right audience

Target respondents with detailed filter rules to conditionally show or skip forms by demographics (e.g. age), location (e.g. out-of-state), academics (e.g. degree program and level), and other system activity (e.g. RSVP status).

Add branching logic to further personalize data collection and keep form-filling as simple and seamless as possible.

Improve the commencement experience

Collect special requests and attendance details before the commencement to prepare the perfect events for students and their guests.

Send post-commencement surveys and get direct feedback that administrators and staff can use to improve the graduation experience.

Require digital signatures

Require users to provide a digital signature, explicit opt-in, or electronic consent when they complete a form.

Stay in compliance with a verifiable audit trail of user requests and release forms, and conditionally block or unlock access to forms and features based on their response.

Analyze response for insights

Generate real-time reports based on form responses cross-referenced against respondent information, event attendance, ticking, and other custom dimensions to measure successful outcomes.

Easily review and export reports for your team to analyze for new opportunities and improvements.

Facilitate collaborations

Share forms to get the right data in the hands of event partners like photographers and caterers. Let those same partners share forms through their own channels, and provide them with secure links to pull down shared data on demand.

For technically savvy partners you can even provide programmatic access to automate data exchange between teams.

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