Graduation Management Services

Name Reading and Pronunciation

A graduate hearing their name read on stage is the quintessential moment of graduation and Tassel Turner provides everything you need to ensure names are pronounced accurately and as desired for every single student.

Streamline name readings and avoid pronunciation mistakes with platform features designed for:

  • Professional Name Readers
  • Event Organizers and MCs
  • Media Content Managers

Let graduates share their name

Allow students to record their spoken name audio and/or submit notes about their name's pronunciation.

Customize the default instructions students see in order to explain exactly how name pronunciation works and the information they need to provide.

Request name corrections and notes

Send invites at any time before the ceremony, schedule reminders, and set registration cutoffs.

Prompt students during RSVPs to review, add, and correct the details of their name as they want it read during the commencement ceremony.

Be prepared for the ceremony

Give your staff access to the reference information they need either in the form of audio-recordings or else the essential text of a student's name from the phonetic spelling to their pronouns.

Personalize the student experience with a respectful, inclusive touch when you use Tassel Turner's name pronunciation features.

Audio Recordings

Whether you play pre-recorded audio at the event or only record audio for staff and student reference, Tassel Turner has several recording options.

User Recordings

Students and name readers can record their respective voice-audio name pronunciation in a friendly web-based interface. This option is intended for institutions with staff name readers who will be recording names and, optionally, offering students a chance to listen and record a correction.

Natural Language Text-to-Speech

Administrators can automatically generate name audio recordings using natural language synthesis to generate audio of the student's full name using either male or female voice. The recordings rely on a natural language processing model to pronounce a wide variety of names from English origin to many other cultural backgrounds with equal accuracy. This options is intended for more economical ceremonies, or as a staff reference when preparing to read names.

Professional Reading Service

On request we can provide your institution with a professional name reading service by our expert voice-over specialists who can pre-record name audio for your administrators to play at the ceremony. This option is intended for institutions without their own name readers who want to employ a professional service.

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