Graduation Management Services

Never worry when you're resilient to traffic spikes, mishap, and disaster

Designed for Reliability

Tassel Turner is a mission-critical platform designed to be resilient against the wide range of technical issues and service interruptions that can threaten the success of your commencements.

There’s nothing worse than losing access to the tools you rely on in the middle of operations, or being flooded with messages from users who can’t access their tickets or complete a registration. We work hard to ensure this never happens, and in the unlikely event is does, you can expect a speedy failover and recovery to get things back on track.

Cloud Hosting

Tassel Turner is a cloud-native platform fully hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Tassel Turner architecture takes full advantage of AWS services from caching middleware to workload queuing so that we can provide a reliable platform at all times.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Your platform deployment is isolated in a private cloud network with strict separation of resources such as databases, web services, email, files, and logs.

This doesn't only guarantee security but also ensures there is no chance of other system activity impacting yours, and no risk of data contamination from shared sources.

Elastic Scaling

If a large number of users cause a traffic spike and the system begins to respond slowly, additional servers are automatically launched to handle the traffic as needed.

To keep the throughput high, most activity such as ticket generation is offloaded to a queuing system where it won't impact the user experience.

Performance Testing

During development we perform various stress tests to catch any bottlenecks, design around failures, and continually improve the performance of platform features.

A faster more efficient system will always be more reliable.

Quality Assurance

Platform upgrades are performed in a deployment pipeline that employs test suites, static analysis tools, and system health checks to prevent bugs and quality regressions.

We target a demanding 98% C1 test coverage for all Tassel Turner systems.

Fault Tolerance

Our platform infrastructure is designed to tolerate failures or else failover in the event of a major disaster like a regional outage.

No servers, networks, or services are managed by hand, allowing our incident response team to rapidly and reliably restore your deployment as needed. In fact we make it a point to practice test drills that ensure we can meet strict recovery time objectives.

Sandbox Environment

We can provide a sandbox environment where you and your IT team can perform your tests and measurements against an isolated production-like deployment.

Backup and Recovery

Data loss can occur from rare events like disk failures, or from user errors and misuse of automation or batch processing.

Tassel Turner helps recover from all these scenarios with a configurable backup period of one-minute point-in-time recovery for all platform data. User audit logs provide a more detailed control over records with an option to rollback modified data to previous versions.

Geographic Awareness

Tassel Turner web services are hosted in a regional data center as close to your institution as possible.

This isn't only for privacy laws, but also ensures users a low latency when using web applications even when internet access is poor.

Our Service Level Agreement

Of course we back up our reliability commitment with an industry-leading 99.95% uptime SLA (max 21.56 min/month) for all platform services.

Our Business Continuity Plan

Tassel Turner is wholly owned and operated by Bellwether, and as such we maintain a detailed business continuity plan to ensure that the platform remains available and functional in the extremely unlikely case that Bellwether can no longer operate. This includes contingencies such as placing source code and relevant IP in escrow and reserving hosted resources in advance for the full duration of contracts.

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