Graduation Management Services

Communications and Messaging Automation

Keep your graduates and guests in the loop with personalized messaging and dynamic calls to action that convert to results from a diverse and demanding audience.

Send Actionable Messages

Whether counting RSVPs, allocating [tickets](/tickets.html), or requesting feedback, Tassel Turner's messaging system lets you craft personalized content using the full extent of your data to generate rich mail merges. Let recipients engage right from their inbox when you include deep links to student landing pages, time-based download links, secure login links, compliant opt-out, and more.

Target Recipient Groups

Easily communicate with the right audience at the right time using a powerful set of filter criteria to select message recipients based on everything from RSVPs, to [events](/events.html), to [tickets](/tickets.html), to graduation details, and even your own custom form fields.

Coordinate graduation notifications and email blasts with a unified commencement workflow.

Track Message Engagement

View and report on the receipt, open, bounce, click, and conversion activity by message and recipient to understand the communication effectiveness. Target follow-up communications around specific engagement and cohort criteria.

Personalize Communication Campaigns

Generate personalized messages using an extensive collection of mail merge fields to address graduates by their personal information, academic details, and graduation status on everything from guest requests to RSVP response.

Make emails accessible, responsive, and compliant

All emails use a structured layout that ensures your content is readable on any mail client or device resolution, and is accessible to screen readers. Automatic bounce and complaint handling and user-friendly opt-out handling keeps you compliant with electronic communications laws and regulations.

Utilize multi-channel messaging

Reach your audience by email, through SMS text messages, or integrate with your existing systems using configurable web service hooks. Further customize your message text and offers on web portal CMS pages, as well as [tickets](/tickets.html), venue maps, and other printable media.

Start Messaging Right Away

Choose from a wide selection of default templates for common commencement messages to graduates and their guests. Create your own templates or copy and customize defaults with your specific graduation details, saving your staff valuable ramp-up time.

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