Graduation Management Services

Overwhelmed by the commencement workload? Stuck on technical constraints? We can help!

Dedicated Customer Support

We know how important it is to have fast, expert support when dealing with frontline commencement issues. The Tassel Turner team acts not only as your technology partner but your colleagues who are equally invested in the success of your graduation.

Extensive support options to cover all your needs...

From planning and implementation through all phases of your operations, we'll be there to answer questions, lighten your workload, and find solutions to organizing your commencement no matter the challenge.

Customer Support OptionsDetails
EmailCorrespond with our specialists by email
TelephoneCall with our specialists on the phone between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (for US time zones)
Chat ApplicationsConnect with our specialists using Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, WhatsApp, and other teleconferencing services
Ticket TrackingCreate support tickets with our specialists to record and track the progress and resolution in a standard format
General Support OptionsDetails
Video TutorialsAccess online video tutorials on using the platform, or request a custom tutorial to explain a workflow or feature use case
Online DocumentationAccess documentation on the admin portal including user manuals, guides, factsheets, and technical specifications
Automatic UpgradesPlatform upgrades are performed automatically on a scheduled release cycle without requiring any user intervention
Training OptionsDetails
Online TrainingSchedule online training sessions with our specialists to answer your questions and walk through how to use platform features
On-Site TrainingRequest an on-site training session with our specialists or on-the-ground operational support during your commencement events

Peak Support

During your commencement planning and execution, we provide peak support for events during off-hours, weekends, and holidays.

When scheduling is tight, we'll make sure your questions and requests are resolved as fast as possible.

Tassel Turner is already easy to use, but we're here to help whether you need onboarding, training, coaching, or platform configuration guidance.

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