Graduation Management Services

Looking to streamline your commencements today and enhance them tomorrow?

A Complete Commencement Platform

Unify every step of the graduation experience into a single platform serving students and staff alike. Tassel Turner combines best-in-class solutions for student engagement, event management, ticketing, activity scheduling, and mass communications, providing commencement organizers a user-friendly end-to-end solution flexible enough for any graduation event.

The Best Solution for Scaling Your Commencements

Start running easier, structured, stress-free commencements and stay ahead of the coordination effort with features to easily manage any number number of students, guests, and staff activities and plans.

What Can it Do?

Event Registration

Manage every aspect of your commencement events from invitations to RSVPs to attendance tracking and capacity planning. Schedule every event along a graduation timeline from stage rehearsals to visitor activities to the graduation ceremony and alumni dinners.


Commencement Tickets

Design, create, and scan any kind of ticket that you need for graduates, guests, visitors, or the house. Optimize every logistical concern around ticket generation and disbursement using a powerful intelligent seating assignment and allotment system.


Name Reading Ceremonies

Read every graduate name correctly on stage with pre-ceremony student approvals and our expert name reading services. Record the name audio in advance, auto-generate it with AI-based natural language text-to-=speech tools, or print detailed name badges as live reference for hosts and presenters.


Graduation Communications

Send out bulk communications with a fast, trustworthy, and effective multi-channel messaging system to engage students and reach their guests with important graduation information and offers. Reactivate contacts after the commencement by launching seamless recruitment and marketing campaigns.


Who's it for?

Tassel Turner is an online service platform for everyone involved in commencement ceremonies and the student experience of graduation day. Whether your role is wearing one hat or many, and running anything from private college functions to cross-campus multi-day events, you'll find all the support you need in Tassel Turner.


Use it to manage commencement and RSVP activities and schedules, track progress, and coordinate planning and preparation efforts by their staff and collaborating groups.

Administrative Staff

Use it to drive the event registration process and message participants, to ensure correct graduate information, and for real-time and aggregate reporting on commencements.

Event Coordinators

Use it for capacity and safety planning at venues, for distributing and scanning tickets, employee checkins, and to automate seat assignment and stage-crossing logic.

Content Managers

Use it to ensure consistent university identity and copywriting throughout the student portal, ticketing pages, and other digital and print assets.


Use it to RSVP for the ceremony, invite guests, download tickets, complete special request forms, and to make sure their correct name, photo, and other information is used in ceremony productions.

Name Readers

Use it to generate roll calls and review spellings, audio recordings, and other student-provided name context to guarantee confident and accurate pronunciations during the ceremony,


Use it to prepare for hooding and special ceremonies, or to add graduate notes and communications around awards and advanced degrees.


Use it to create contact lists and communication channels for alumni networks, guests, and VIPs.

Parents, Alumni, and Guests

Use it to access their event tickets, complete surveys, and receive important updates and messages from administrators.


Use it to collect and report on regalia and photography requests for graduate sales, and to facilitate data exchange.

IT Technicians

Use it to automate workflows and integration with internal APIs, support audiovisual media teams, and enforce security and privacy policies for regulatory compliance.

Security Personnel

Use it to broadcast emergency SMS, quickly locate attendees by seat and photo, and verify ticket-holder identities.

Where will I save?

Software can run up costs if you're not careful, which is why Tassel Turner focuses on the ways you can save money and defray those quantifiable costs. So where will you save with the platform?

  • $$$ Staffing: Turn your core staff into customer success superstars with tools and services that let them support 10x the user base with a fraction of the effort.
  • $ Customer Support: Save on reduced customer support costs with fully self-service registration and fulfillment workflows for students and guests. Provide your attendees with detailed, customizable instructions on every portal page and never waste time answering the same question twice.
  • $$ Training: Eliminate staff training overhead with turnkey online and offline tools that your administrators will find intuitive and simple to use. When questions arise, your staff will have access to variety of support resources to guide the way.
  • $$$ Procurement: Consolidate procurement costs with a single all-in-one solution to all your commencement needs. Once your university switches to Tassel Turner you’ll never have to juggle overlapping technologies or spend time filling gaps in critical functionality.
  • $ Printing: Bring your badge, name card, and ticket printing in-house instead of unnecessarily engaging expensive print shops. Or else avoid printing entirely with alternatives such as e-tickets.
  • $$ Hardware: Save on purchases of proprietary handheld scanners, POS terminals, and other event hardware by using commonplace mobile devices and laptops that work with Tassel Turner’s industry-standard resources.
  • $$$ Logistics: Avoid those small delays with big operational impact when you use Tassel Turner to automate your event logistics, quickly readjusting to changes in seating and ticket disbursement.

Handle all the details and deadlines of graduation, from engagement services to stage ceremonies

For Every User on Any Device

Tassel Turner graduation software on the web works in any modern browser and at any screen size, while the companion apps for laptops, workstations, and mobile devices are made available on all major vendor systems (Apple, Windows, Linux, etc.).

The platform provides cloud-native storage and identity management so any user can freely switch between their devices without losing data or working context.

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