Ready to turn the tassel on top-class commencements?

Whether graduation comes next month or next year

Getting started is easy and we're here to help

Once you're ready to get in touch we can move fast or take as much time as your procurement and implementation process require. To get you there we'll follow three main steps.

  1. Demo and discovery: We schedule a call with you to discuss your institution's commencements and give a guided demonstration of how our graduation management platform can fit your needs.
  2. Deploy and configure We launch a private cloud deployment where we'll configure features and preferences, implement any IT system integrations, and add initial data.
  3. Onboard and sign-off: We train and coordinate with administrative staff to ensure operational readiness. Finally, before the go-live date we finalize contract paperwork and payment.

Whatever the plan, we’re ready when you are. Tassel Turner is a completely self-service solution and once you’ve prepared your data and outlined a workflow you don’t need to wait on anything else. The following checklist covers some common administration tasks you might consider.

Readiness Checklist

Before going live with Tassel Turner you should…

Establish baseline goals, e.g. optimize ticket pools, reduce support requests, improve name reading, or streamline the RSVP process
Have a means of exporting student data, e.g. CSV file(s) or through web services
List any data that will be collected from students and guests, e.g. from registration forms and surveys
Define any custom administrator roles, e.g. for different groups of staff or external partners
Determine how users will authenticate with the system, e.g. password registration, magic links, or SSO identities
Have the ability to enable CAS service providers, e.g. when using CAS. SAML, or other single sign-on solution
Ready design theme assets, e.g, logos, university colors, brand style guide, and contact info
Plan a communications timeline, e.g. by creating email blasts to trigger with RSVP invitations, ticket disbursements, etc.
Consult name readers on pronunciation aids, e.g. name card content, phonetic spelling, and audio recordings
Arrange access to print facilities, e.g. if printing and distributing tickets or name cards
Know your venue seating capacity, e.g. for ticket limits or reserved sections for the ceremony

Continuing Success

After the ceremony you can simply leave things running with confidence or else focus on the feedback cycle to continuously improve the graduation experience and expand your services. Whatever the case we'll be there to support you whether it's answering the occasional question, onboarding new staff, or adding new features and platform improvements based on your requests.