Graduation Management Services

Take control of commencements with features for your every need

Feature List

Tassel Turner provides a comprehensive service platform designed for the full range of graduation activity. You might not use all the features today, but you can rest easy in the flexibility and freedom of changing your needs when the time comes.

We want you to get the most value out of Tassel Turner, and so **all features are available as part of our standard offering** with no quotas or usage limits.

Student Portal
Integrated logins
Student profile management
Academics and awards
Record name pronunciation audio
Upload graduation photo
Field-based view/edit permissions
Respond to RSVPs
Request and claim tickets
Graduation history
Data rights and privacy controls
Graduation instructions
Mobile-friendly layout
Configurable landing pages
Admin Portal
Administrator management
Role-based access control
Resource-based permissions
External attribute mapping
API client keys
Annotate resources with notes
Import / export structured data
Administrative dashboards
Account reset
Workflow configuration
Feature flags
Administrative notes
User Management
Email/password registration and login
SSO registration and login
OTP registration and login
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Login / IP Tracking
IP Geolocation
CAS/OAuth/SAML/OIDC identities
Login as proxy user
User deactivation
Master identity management
Event Management
Attendance tracking
Capacity planning
Check-in / check-out
Self check-in at kiosk stations
Customized name badges
Name card GUID generation (QR/RFID)
Real-time attendance reporting
Barcode generation
Printable label codes
Support for most common barcode symbologies
QR code generation
Allow re-entry
Multi-day tickets
Branded ticket design themes
Custom images and text
Availability limits
Door lists
Wait lists
Custom ticket types
Role-based ticket holders
Manual or automatic disbursement
Mobile-friendly digital tickets
Void tickets
Assigned seating
General admission
Seating sections
Accessible seating
Reserved/house seating
Custom assignment order and direction
First-come first-served assignment
Custom row/column/seat names
Social distancing restrictions
Floor and seat plan builder
Digital/print/PDF venue maps
Map shapes/entrances/POI
Seating-based stage crossing
Online registration
Reply by email links / SSO
Send targeted reminders
Student records / name correction
Personalized form data collection
Request special needs/accommodations
International address and contact info
Last-minute cancellations and arrivals
Student Information
Academic records
Demographic details
International address and contact info
Graduate photo
Hooding faculty
Name recordings
Guest lists
Graduate guest requests / limits
Graduate guest invitations
Emergency Contacts
Non-graduate visitors, VIPs, guest types
Form data collection
International address and contact info
Send mass email messages
Send mass SMS messages
SMS short codes
Message templates
Mail merge
Automatic trigger-based messages
Filtered recipient lists
Email delivery/open/click tracking
Email bounce management
Email complaint and spam management
Recipient opt-out/unsubscribe
Rapid delivery
DMARC support with DKIM/SPF
Custom email domains
Custom from/reply to senders
Mail domain reputation tracking
Dedicated 10DLC and long codes
Data Integrations
Import / export CSV
Import / export SQLite
External GUID identity management
System activity webhooks
Batch data processing
Role-based API authorization
Data lifecycle policies
Soft / hard deletions
Forms and Surveys
Wide selection of input types
Multiple answer responses
Required/optional field validation
Instructions and help text
Conditional branching logic
Validated response types
Multi-step form wizards
Shareable links
Mobile-friendly layouts
Content Management
Branded web design themes
Custom font, colors, and images
Page templates
Editable web portal text
Configurable timezone
Live real-time dashboards
Secure shareable links
Multi-dimensional analysis
Run chart report types
Bar graphs report types
Spreadsheet report types
Encrypted data in transit
Encrypted data at rest
Auditable change logs
Custom suspicious activity alerts
Custom browser session policy
Custom password policy
Siloed user types
Instant user logout and deactivation
Data retention policies
Notification alerts on security events
System Capacity
Unlimited users
Unlimited events
Unlimited tickets
Unlimited email
Unlimited storage
Traffic Autoscaling
Separate production and test environments
Microsoft Teams
User Manuals
Online Help
Video Tutorials
Free Upgrades
Release Cycle Scheduling

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