Graduation Management Services

Simplify and automate data exchange between your IT systems

Software Integrations

Keep your data centralized when you sync Tassel Turner with the software and services you already know and use. Tassel Turner works equally well whether used to manage commencements as an independent platform or by adding functionality to your current systems and enhancing existing data,

Configuring Tassel Turner integrations helps you ensure data integrity and a seamless user experience when you want to:
  • Login users with single-sign-on through your web portal
  • Import student/academic/ticket/event/etc records through APIs or flat files
  • Reconcile data and reporting with realtime web hooks or batch exports
  • Automate administrative workflows using web services

We integrate with some of the best industry solutions in LMS, SIS, CRM, SSO/Auth, and cloud-based hosting.

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Flexible Web-Based APIs

Connect, integrate, and automate your work with our standards-friendly APIs for events, ticketing, student management, and more.

Your application developers and tech specialists will find it easy customizing Tassel Turner to work with 3rd party tools and systems. The APIs allow you total control over all platform database data using consistent resource endpoints that can be easily invoked from other desktop software, web applications, mobile apps, or simple custom scripts.

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Multiple Data Formats

Use the APIs with any client software capable of HTTP requests formatted to either JSON or XML depending on your preferred standard.

Transactional Integrity

Ensure that data remains in a consistent state when the API performs cascading updates through intelligent merge and reconciliation rules, and full rollbacks in the event of failures.

Batch Data Processing

Update large sets of data records in a single efficient API call in order to regularly sync with an external database or simplify your institution’s data management workflows.

Precise Authorization

Secure access to your platform data by creating as many separate API client keys as you need, and restricting their permissions to only the data they you intend to modify through the APIs.

Complete API documentation and API client management is available to administrators, and the Tassel Turner team is ready to provide additional technical API support on request.

Ready to integrate your systems?