Graduation Management Services

Live Ceremony Operations

Run commencement ceremonies that bring a streamlined, professional experience to students and staff alike. Each and every aspect of Tassel Turner is designed with the always-changing realities of running commencements taken into practical consideration and supported by a suite of robust administrative tools.

The Tassel Turner platform works for all types of ceremonies. Use a wide rang of flexible seating and roll call features allowing you to stage events exactly as you need, whether it’s a multi-line stage-crossing, or a strict queue based on academic groupings. You’ll have no trouble keeping things moving with a clear, concise stream of graduate names read confidently by your speakers or automatically streamed from pre-recorded voice-audio.

Provide a top-class ceremony experience for students, their family, and friends to remember.

Organize Students

Group lines of students in roll calls based on your own logistics for how the group will be called to the stage, then print roll call lists for ceremony marshals and export multimedia graduate data for staff technicians.

Integrated dynamic scanning

Marshals can scan student name cards and badges to automatically trigger or enqueue audiovisual displays and other actions with your internal systems while students line up and cross the stage.

Display Graduate Profiles

Show slides of graduating students in a fully customizable profile format that can highlight their name, department, academic achievements, photograph, bio, and more.

Assign Seats by Queue

Keep lines moving like clockwork by assigning seats to graduates based on the order in which they will be called to cross the stage and have their name read

Live Audience View

Access real-time views of the venue showing the current capacity and, for assigned seating, detailed occupancy stats and a searchable locator for ticket holders.

Ceremony Stage Analytics

Easily export ceremony stats for reconciliation and reporting, or directly connect to the platform API and view the ceremony progress on a live admin dashboard.

Crossing the stage and hearing a student's name read aloud is the quintessential moment of graduation.

A Powerful Desktop App to Run Ceremonies

Empower event staff with our easy-to-use companion app to help run commencement ceremonies on the floor. With the ceremony app you’ll be able to…

  • Customize slide/banner branding and design including student images, bio, and academic details
  • Generate and autoplay elegant slideshows for graduate roll calls
  • Show college profiles and other custom interstitial content
  • Play pre-recorded audio of a student’s name when they cross the stage
  • Livestream graduate banners to external video sources like stadium screens, online feeds, or video capture
  • Create, update, and print student name cards and barcodes
  • Search graduation records and direct students to their assigned seat
  • Perform dry runs of the roll calls and preview ceremony media
  • Invoke webhooks to callback to your own online systems
  • Run any number of copies of the app on Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops and desktop PCs
  • Fully support desktop screen readers and the WCAG non-web guidance for accessible interfaces

Everything required to run a calm and collected ceremony is included in the app so that you don’t need to worry about spotty internet, incomplete datasets, or late arrivals and write-ins.

Security On the Ground

The app doesn’t require any licenses, doesn’t register your users, and doesn’t phone home to trackers - just download the installer and launch it anywhere you want and you’re ready to go. You can further protect ceremony data by encrypting the app’s bundled files and only sharing the password with authorized personnel, preventing any sensitive student information from accidentally leaking on the network or shared workstations.

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