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Cookie Statement

This statement describes how cookies are used on the website and platform domains.

A cookie is a small text file that your desktop or device may store when visiting a website, and which contains data about how you use the website. This statement also refers to the term “cookie” in a general sense including other tracking technologies such as pixels or web beacons.

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Our tracking policies

Unlike many services Tassel Turner takes a relatively aggressive no-tracking stance. Nobody likes to be tracked for advertising and marketing, and so we don’t build software that way.

In the case where Tassel Turner does use tracking cookies, we make it clear below.

Website Tracking

We do not use cookies to track you on the website. We do not run ad campaigns or use third-party advertising networks that track you through

Platform Tracking

The Tassel Turner web platform does make use of first-party functional cookies. These may include session cookies, identity provider cookies, user settings and preferences, or navigational bookmarks and history. These cookies are required for the Tassel Turner web applications to function.

No Personal Identifiable Information (PII), such as an email or username, is stored in the platform cookies.

All platform cookies use strict domain matching (RFC 6265) to secure user cookies.

Email Tracking

We use internal tracking cookies in emails for correspondence purposes. When you contact us by email or through the website, we use a tracking beacon to identify where the request originated. When we respond by email we may include a tracking cookie to aid in customer support.

See our privacy policy for details.

Do Not Track (DNT)

Because Tassel Turner only uses necessary functional cookies, a DNT request is no different than not using the applications at all. In order to use Tassel Turner without functional cookie tracking, you can access the application through your browser or device’s incognito / private browsing mode.

Local Storage

Tassel Turner web applications do not make use of the Local Storage HTML5 API due to the lack of security controls.